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E-B093 Electronic Dice Kit

E-B093 Electronic Dice Kit

After pressing a key this digital die indicates depending on chance a number between 1 - 6. Indication takes place via LED's.

Technical Data:

Kit                                      To solder yourself
Operating voltage              9 - 15 V/DC battery or stabilized power supply
Current consumption         < 20 mA
Indication                           Numbers Die numbers 1 - 6 via LEDs
Clock frequency                approx. 30 Hz
Dimensions of the board   approx. 60 x 60 mm

Fitting case: WR-33-002 M-G100 Display Case approx. 130 x 130 x 17 mm


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WR-051-002 E-B093 Electronic Dice (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) I lager 80,00 kr/st