EZ-Military Portable Antenna for HF

EZ-Military Portable Antenna for HF

An antenna for portable but also for stationary and easy to use and quick to set up anywhere and unkompliezert. An adjustable clamp allows the antenna to be attached almost anywhere.

This is then the "Alpha Match" (an adapter unit that like a so-called magnetic Balun works) mounted and then the 3.90 m long radiator connected disassembled into 15 elements and by rope. Thus, then, the antenna for the frequency bands from 6 to 80m can be used. the supplied wire (counterpoise) will be mounted to the mounting clamp at the intended point and long with it mounted 30 cm Erdspies is stuck in the ground Finally. Now the antenna is ready for use.

If the antenna is mounted on a balcony, fence made of metal or of a metal mast, etc. then no Erdspies for use is necessary.

Our testing indicates when the antenna is 2 m mounted on a wooden pole or metal rod above ground and also the Erdspies, then the SWR on all bands better than 2: 1, except on 80m because of the built-in tuner of the transceiver was necessary.

The antenna has been presented at the "Funkausstellung" in "Laa an der Thaya" and was well received. There were 100 watts in the frequency bands 20 / 40m and 17m on compounds with F6 / G3 / TC / EA and more can be achieved.

In Conclusion: This antenna the "Vertical EzMilitary of Alpha Antenna" is one of the easiest ways to establish a universal and broadband antenna in the shortest possible time, to commission and to make wireless connections.

Technical Data
Frequency range: 3.5 to 54 MHz
Endurance: 500 Watt transmit power PEP on SSB
Radiator length: 3.90 m
Weight: 1,50 kg

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WR-080-001 EZ-Military Portable Antenna for HF (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) Ej i lager 2850,00 kr/st